Travelling around Tuscany without a car is easy when you stick to the region’s biggest cities: Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Pisa and Lucca. Exploring smaller towns and the Tuscan countryside can be slightly more complicated and involve a lot of forward planning and waiting for unreliable public transport.

For those of you who remain undeterred and would like to explore the wine area of Chianti, use Greve in Chianti as your base. From there you can reach other wine towns such as Panzano, Radda and Castellina by bus.

Ideally, though, you would plan a visit to Greve during its renowned wine festival and test all the local productions without setting foot on any form of transport! 

There are many good reasons for wine lovers not to drive their own car or rental, primarily because Italian laws on drunk driving are extremely strict. Not to worry! This article will illustrate three fun alternatives.

Organised Wine Tour

If you don’t want to drive on the narrow and winding country lanes and risk getting lost an organised wine tour is the thing for you. Your driver and guide will answer all your questions as he or she brings you to your destination. All the members of your party will be able to fully enjoy their wine without the nagging fear of being stopped by the police on your way home. Most tours also include a meal or a snack to accompany your glass of red. There is an absolute cornucopia of wine tasting tours to chose from. This is but one of the many day tours organised by I Just Drive, a tour operator with a great track record from Florence.

Wine Bike Tours

Not everyone knows that Tuscany is the promised land for cyclists. The mixed elevations and generally dry weather have attracted bicycle riders from all over the world. No Sunday goes by without Italian cyclist taking over country roads. So why not experience two Tuscan passions together: cycling and wine. You might think that the combination of hills and wine is just too exhausting to contemplate, but that’s the reason why e-bikes were invented! Explore the Tuscan countryside at your own pace, stop whenever you want to take amazing photos of breathtaking views and enjoy your wine without an ounce of guilt since you’ll be burning all those calories in no time.

Wine Walking Tours

Be a part of a new movement: responsible tourism. No carbon footprint for you as your tread on manmade paved tracks, tarmac, forest trails and gravel paths. You will get to see a side of Tuscany unknown to most, away from the crowds and noise to reach your goal: an incredible vineyard lost in the countryside and your well-deserved glass of wine. These organised walking tours cater to people with little trekking experience. Though there is some slight change in elevation, they are accessible to most people and always led by an experienced guide.

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