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Hummus, falafel, salad and pita. Jewish food has many dishes in common with arabic
What to eat in Tuscany Italy

Kosher Food in Florence

The first Jewish community in Florence dates back to Florence has one of the oldest continuous Jewish communities in Europe. Though there are some mentions of Jews in Florence as far back as the 12th century, the community really started growing in the 14th century. Most people worked as merchants […]

The classical Renaissance façade of the Poggio a Caiano villa
Places to visit in Tuscany

Medici Villas near Florence

The Medici family is synonymous to the Italian Renaissance. They made Florence into the hub of the Humanist movement in Italy and Southern Europe. This extremely wealthy family of bankers managed to become the unofficial rulers of the city through business and political manoeuvring. The Medicis have always been patrons […]

What Is an Agriturismo?
Best Tuscany experiences

What Is an Agriturismo?

Tuscany isn’t all about about art and architecture. In order to get a complete Tuscan experience, don’t overlook its stunning countryside. A great way to experience the slow pace and natural beauty of Tuscany is to take a few days off the beaten track and stay on a farm. Most […]

Girl relaxing in a natural pool at the Saturnia hot springs
Best Tuscany experiences

Hot Springs in Tuscany

Tuscany is full natural hot springs. Most are high-end spas that offer all kinds of health and beauty treatments. There are still a few outdoor hot springs that are immersed in nature and free. If you are willing to experience the wilder side of Tuscany, Bagni San Filippo or Saturnia […]