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Young girl drinking aperitivo in Italy
Wine tasting in Tuscany

The Drinking Age in Italy

Drinking in Italy is first and foremost a social experience. Friends and family gather together, converse and why not, open a bottle. Getting drunk is never the end goal and drinking by oneself, rare. Alcohol is a social lubricant and part of a cultural identity. Wine especially is considered part […]

Tuscan people sitting at a table
Best Tuscany experiences

People from Tuscany

Many travellers on a Tuscan adventure don’t get to spend a lot of time interacting with locals. Tuscans are extremely proud of their region and love sharing their passion for it with others. If you are curious to get to know these smart and fun loving people, here is an […]

You might find a place where they serve lampredotto this way, but it's very uncommon. Most times it will come wrapped in paper and you will eat them while standing up at a street corner
What to eat in Tuscany Italy

Lampredotto, Florentine Street Food

If you walk around Florence, especially on the outskirts of town, you might come across food trucks that sell panini al lampredotto, or plainly lampredotto, and wonder what those tasty looking sandwiches are filled with. All will be revealed about this Florentine delicacy that scares away the weak but rewards […]

Brunello wine bottles on a wooden shelf. As you can see by looking at price tags, the Brunello di Montalcino is not the cheapest wine out there
Wine tasting in Tuscany

What Is a Brunello di Montalcino Wine?

The beautiful Medieval town of Montalcino crowns one of the soft hills of the picturesque Val d’Orcia. The town and surrounding countryside is renowned for its production of Brunello wine. Visitors should take at least half a day to admire the landscape, architecture as well as the wine. How to […]