Tuscany has a rich history that surrounds visitors where ever they go. To keep that history alive, many towns transform once a year to offer a glimpse into their past. There is a great variety of Medieval festivals around the region during the summer. Get a glimpse of how life use to be, surrounded by the perfect backdrop of Volterra, Pontremoli and Florence.

Medieval fest in Volterra | Medieval Festival Tuscany

Volterra AD 1398, Volterra

Volterra is one of the best towns to visit in Tuscany. The town of Volterra transforms from the second to the third Sunday of August. Its people become nobles and knights, peasants and craftsmen, friars and merchants. Different parts of the town transform into a marketplace, a military camp or even a medieval country village in the park E. Fiumi. Acrobats, jesters, flag throwers, dancer and musicians will entertain you in their regalia. Sundays are the best days to visit as there are more shows and events planned on those days.

Medieval fest in Pontremoli | Medieval festival tuscany

Volterra is worth a visit even if no event is planned. Book a private transfer from Florence now and visit the city!

Medievalis, Pontremoli

This medieval festival takes place in the town of Pontremoli in the North of Tuscany in August. For four days, all cars are banned from the city centre and Pontremoli and its inhabitant go back in time to celebrate the historical moment they were graced with the title of ‘Libero Comune’ by the Emperor Frederic II. As well as the re-enactment of Medieval daily life, the festival is also a tournament between the three parts of the town Sommoborgo, Immoborgo and Contado.

A match of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino | Medieval Fest Tuscany

Calcio Storico, Florence

For an unforgettable experience, go to Florence for the final of the Calcio Storico in the 3rd week of June. This ancestor of what we now call football dates back to the Renaissance era. Teams representing different parts of the city ruthlessly fight each other for the win in this crossover between rugby and football. Punches, headbutts and tackles are all allowed, making the match resemble more of a brawl on a sand pitch than an organized sport. A bonus for the ladies: the athletes sometimes compete topless with fetching pantaloons!

This summer, enjoy a new way of delving into Tuscany’s rich history. Travel back in time with the help of hundreds of actors, acrobats and extras. Let the locals show you how proud they are of their town, past and traditions.


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