Ferrari fans visiting Florence can’t miss the opportunity to take a day off from Renaissance history and immerse themselves in the height of design and speed. A quick trip over the Apennine mountains will take you to the heart of Motor Valley where most of the greatest Italian sports cars are made.

The rearing horse, Ferrari iconic logo
The rearing horse, Ferrari’s iconic logo


The rearing horse brand has two museums, one in Modena and one in nearby Maranello.

The best way to get to Maranello is by car. Follow the highway in the direction of Bologna and then Modena. Take the exit Modena sud towards Maranello.

The Ferrari museum in Maranello is connected to the Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena by shuttle bus, but the service isn’t free. If you don’t feel like driving, the tour operator I Just Drive! organises a day trip that includes a stop at the Ferrari museum.

Ferrari Museum in Modena

Ferrari Museum in Maranello

Why Is the Iconic Colour of Ferrari Cars Red?

Have you ever wondered why most Ferrari’s are red? It dates back to the 20s when the racing federation gave each country a colour to be able to tell them apart more easily. German cars were white, French blue, British green and Italian red. The colour ‘race red’ was chosen by Enzo Ferrari to make his cars stand out as Italian models.

Race red, the color of Ferrari sport cars
Race red, the color of Ferrari sport cars

Different Museums and Tours

Enzo Ferrari Museum (Modena)

The exterior aspect of the museum, a fusion of traditional industrial architecture and futuristic glass curves, foretells its mission: bridging the old and the new.

Find out everything there is to know about the founder of the Ferrari brand, Enzo Ferrari.

The museum showcases some of the most successful and iconic models of the brand. The restored brick building, which used to be Enzo’s father’s workshop, now houses the secret ingredient to Ferrari’s powerful cars: engines

A Formula One Ferrari race car
A Formula One Ferrari race car

A ticket to the museum costs € 17 for adults and € 7 for minors (less than 19 years old) if accompanied by an adult. The museum offers others services for an additional fee.

Drive on the Modena race track with your own car for 15 minutes. An instructor will go over safety measures before you start. Cost € 35.

Ferrari Museum (Maranello)

The Ferrari museum is connected to the factory complex. A visit will teach you about the rearing horse’s brand through the ages with a particular focus on racing history. Discover a wide array of models from the fields of F1 and Gran Turismo as well as sport prototypes. The visit costs € 17.

A Ferrari engine
A Ferrari engine

For an extra fee, visitors can have access to extra services. Go on a panoramic tour of the factory buildings where the brands famous cars are built and the track where they are tested. The tour by shuttle bus must be booked in advance and costs € 15.

Both museums give the possibility to enjoy the thrill of the race with Formula 1 simulators for 7 minutes. An instructor will give you some tips to get the most out of the experience. Cost € 25.

If you are a Ferrari super fan, consider getting the Musei Ferrari Pass. The ticket is €24 and allows you to visit both the Enzo Ferrari and Ferrari museums within 48 hours.

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